work log

work log

7/9/2010 getting phone list from all managers per Ken’s request for new phone system (have to make master sheet) (3.00 hrs)

7/8/2010 testing new website leads for delivery and checking time (2.50 hrs)

7/7/2010 spent time helping chris from (1.50 hrs)

7/7/2010 updating callsource numbers – added google number for mckenna bmw (.50 hr)

7/7/2010 helped bob zand with computer problem (.50 hr)

7/6/2010 helped chris for blink-dev with lead forwarding etc (1.50 hr)

7/6/2010 greg sent over tony ngo from dealer direct so i could listen to his sales pitch (1.00 hr)

7/5/2010 changed password so blink development can have access (.50 hr)

7/5/2010 extended domain name 5 years (.50 hr)

7/5/2010 added several email to mckenna system (1.00 hr)

7/5/2010 working with search optics old site to add inventory links etc (1.00 hr)

7/1/2010 help audi shop to go back on AllData (.50 hr)

6/30/2010 still working on danny’s garage cars for sale (1.50 hr)

6/30/2010 removing uction cars from POIS, found several on Rdr’d yet (1.00 hr)

6/29/2010 adding and uploading Danny’s cars to Advent and – working late again at home (2.00 hrs)

6/29/2010 edited godaddy email blast for McKenna bmw and McKenna porsche (2.00 hrs)

6/29/2010 finalized McKenna Porsche e-Zine monthly newsletter for July (1.50 hrs)

6/28/2010 added new model in Advent for sales department (.25 hr)

6/25/2010 assisted Jason in adding labor op in ADP (.25 hr)

6/25/2010 uploaded all BMW CPO special to all social networks and updated BMW CPO specials on (1.50 hrs)

6/25/2010 gave Joseph Malek access to search optics employment apps for BMW and Porsche (.50 hr)

6/25/2010 found BMW service mailer callsource number (800) 989-1813 was in the wrong group advised callsource (.25 hr)

6/25/2010 got Victor Oh a new callsource number (800) 610-4698 “Allstar Mailer” (.25 hr)

6/25/2010 added youtube video to (.50 hr)

6/25/2010 added youtube video on (.50 hr)

6/25/2010 updated bmw youtube videos on (.75hr)

6/25/2010 updated autolounge blog (.50 hr)

6/24/2010 verified callsource number 800-403-3164 from home at night (.25 hr)

6/24/2010 greg requested new call source number for “wrestler mailer” 800-403-3164 (.25 hr)

6/24/2010 rocio meyer requested a new mckenna email address (.25 hr)

6/24/2010 advertised black z8 alpina on social sites uploaded on and made video for

6/24/2010 added Lorentz Roger Johnson to mckenna email system




1/26/2010 requested search optics to add job requesting on job app (.5 hour)

1/26/2010 repaired job openings form (1 hour)

1/25/2010 updated mckenna porsche website cpo specials (1.5 hour)

1/25/2010 updating (1 hour)

1/25/2010 helping Greg with BMW and Porsche 3rd party leads (1 hour)

1/20/2010 showed ben how to use TwitPic account (.5 hour)

1/20/2010 working with TwitPic account – added plug to several blogs (1 hour)

1/20/2010 spoke to Matt from about mckenna vw cpo issues (.5 hour)

1/20/2010 steve luzzie requested assistance for mckenna vw cpo inventory (1 hour)

1/19/2010 updating online specials for mckenna vw service and parts (1 hour)

1/18/2010 requested the season of audi event removed from mckenna audi (.25 hour)

1/18/2010 updated new car, used car, cpo cars, service and parts speicals on mckenna vw (1.5 hours)

1/18/2010 requested the happy happy joy event removed from mckenna bmw (.25 hour)

1/15/2010 confirming more emails for directory websites (1 hour)

1/14/2010 opened twitpic account (1 hour)

1/13/2010 updated online specials (1 hour)

1/11/2010 updated (1 hour)

1/11/2010 updated online auto sale sheet (1 hour)

1/6/2010 posted online that vw sign then drive event extended 2/1/10 (1 hour)

1/6/2010 updated specials (1 hour)

1/6/2010 updating sites with lawyers office disclaimer notes (1 hour)

1/6/2010 working on last night (1.5 hour)

1/5/2010 sent out a couple of blasts with about vw free maint. (.5 hour)

1/5/2010 removed aged vehicles from bmw pois (.5 hour)

1/4/2010 updated porsche certified online specials (1 hour)

1/4/2010 working with melanie again about more disclaimers on internet social networks (1 hour)

1/4/2010 verifying craigslist calls and leads (1 hour)

1/4/2010 sent another blast using for stock # P09032 (.5 hour)

1/4/2010 updating mckenna porsche website ticker (.5 hour)

1/4/2010 checking with about craigslist – very few leads coming – also need seperated brand new car landing page url’s (1 hour)

1/4/2010 posted joy of bmw sales event on (.25 hour)

1/4/2010 added new business facebook page for mckenna cars (.5 hour)

1/4/2010 open cpo lot for Randy (.25 hour)

1/4/2010 working with Barrett from about email videos and uTube URL’s (1 hour)

1/4/2010 requested to have Christmas Wreaths removed from main websites (.25 hour)

12/30/2009 worked several leads on mckenna motor sports website (.5 hour)

12/30/2009 asked christian about home page specials (.5 hour)

12/30/2009 working with automotive video service to get website links and email links (1 hour)

12/30/2009 spoke with melanie about adding gerneral sales disclaimers to social networks (.5 hour)

12/29/2009 posted links on several blogs (1 hour)

12/29/2009 added news link on mckenna audi news ticker (.5 hour)

12/29/2009 updated mckenna bmw used & cpo specials (2 hours)

12/29/2009 final updates for porsche e-zine magazine (1 hour)

12/29/2009 added news link on mckenna audi hidden page (.5 hour)

12/29/2009 added news link on mckenna audiautoblog (.5 hour)

12/28/2009 updated mckenna times (.5 hour)

12/28/2009 ordered two paint meters per greg’s request (.5 hour)

12/22/2009 updated more info on porsche e-zine (1 hour)

12/21/2009 ordered key tags and window stickers (.5 hour)

12/18/2009 ordered bmw cpo materials (packages) (.5 hour)

12/18/2009 ordered audi cpo marterials (packages) (.5 hour)

12/17/2009 updated the mckenna bmw used car specials (1.5 hours)

12/17/2009 added new bmw car club post mckenna bmw connections (.5 hour)

12/17/2009 added new bmw car club post to mckenna times (.5 hour)

12/16/2009 setup two new employees with email addresses (.5 hour)

12/16/2009 forwarded several sales credit apps (1 hour)

12/16/2009 forwarded another bmw service tech employment app (.25 hour)

12/16/2009 bob harp had me check a couple more things for the connection problem we have with the advent server (1 hour)

12/16/2009 forwarded three employee apps (.5 hour)

12/16/2009 per greg’s request advent can not connect to advent server – help test modem (1 hour)

12/16/2009 open up cpo lot for Randy (.25 hour)

12/15/2009 updated auto youtube videos for used cars and used vw’s – added to mckenna vw (1.5 hour)

12/15/2009 added new cars videos to mckenna audi bmw and vw website (1.5 hour)

12/15/2009 updated mckenna times (.5 hour)

12/14/2009 sent audi video code to search optics to install on new page (.5 hour)

12/14/2009 added audi videos to audi blog and mckenna audi hidden pages (1 hour)

12/14/2009 checked audi cpo inventory online – noticed stock # 314554 still the the inventory – need to rdr??? (.5 hour)

12/14/2009 repaired carfax issue for stock # 201418 (bmw advent) (.5 hour)

12/12/2009 updated vw about page / added news ticker for toys 4 tots & connections page (1 hour)

12/12/2009 updated porsche about page / added news ticker for toys 4 tots & connections page (1 hour)

12/12/2009 porsche e-Zine is ready for blast to 1100 customer – final review – going out 12/15/2009 (.5 hour)

12/12/2009 greg wanted night shot of dealership on all our websites (.5 hour)

12/11/2009 get coding for the first video player from (.5 hour)

12/11/2009 submitted mileage correction with carfax for 201418 in BMW advent (.5 hour)

12/11/2009 working with sam park and search optics to get google analytics on our websites (.5 hour)

12/11/2009 per greg removed stock # 314116 from Advent – manually removed from all all our main webites (1 hour)

12/11/2009 add new employee to email system (.5 hour)

12/10/2009 added new post to (.5 hour)

12/10/2009 updated online specials (1 hour)

12/10/2009 greg requested to suspend autobytel and dealix leads (.5 hour)

12/09/2009 confirming link site submissions for seo marketing campaign (1 hour)

12/09/2009 getting new call source phone number for VW press telegram (.5 hour)

12/08/2009 posts black range rover stock # 510543cns all over the web (1 hour)

12/08/2009 updated online specials (1 hour)

12/08/2009 added toys for tots link to and  (1 hour)

12/07/2009 setup new video account for our new cars with (1 hour)

12/07/2009 updated sold cars from internet specials list (1 hour)

12/07/2009 opened cpo lot per randy’s request (.25 hour)

12/04/09 spoke to matt from autouplinkusa about transferring cerritos inventory to all other sites (1 hour)

12/04/2009 add new post to mckenna times (1 hour)

12/04/2009 add new posts on audi auto blog (1 hour)

12/04/2009 research on greg’s email abour bad comment on bimmerfest website. (1 hour)

12/04/2009 working on automotive video service (1 hour)

12/03/2009 added special to mckenna cerritos blog (.5 hour)

12/03/2009 working with new craigslist co. and Matt from autouplinkusa to get us live on posting to craigslist and backpage (1 hour)

12/03/2009 updated specials log sheet to match online (.5 hour)

12/02/2009 updating more new car bmw specials on mckenna bmw (1 hour)

12/02/2009 working with new craigslist program trying to get ads posted (1 hour)

12/02/2009 spoke to christian from search optics about adding a home page special module (1 hour)

12/02/2009 spoke with and greg approved two month trail (1 hour)

12/02/2009 work with BMW on stock # 510599LR – sales input car with 30846 miles which should have been kilometers which is the same as 19302 miles – several emails and phone calls (1.5 hour)

12/02/2009 greg requested me to check out (1 hour)

12/02/2009 confirming many more daily seo email links (.5 hour)

12/01/2009 bmw sales needs credit app for customer – looked an all sites, none found (.50 hour)

12/01/2009 confirming many more seo email links (.5 hour)

12/01/2009 wilkerson needs help with Advent (.25 hour)

12/01/2009 made cpo package for car smith cpo’d (.25 hour)

12/01/2009 opened cpo lot – spoke to customer on lot until sales person showed up (.5 hour)

12/01/2009 confirming many seo email links (.5 hour)

11/30/2009 added mlopez to email system (.50 hour)

11/30/2009 updated auto network website (.50 hour)

11/30/2009 canceled dupont registry website (.25 hour)

11/30/2009 canceled online live chat service (.25 hour)

11/30/2009 ran sales reports – updated online specials list (.50 hour)

11/25/2009 helping at&t tech looking for equipment room??? (.50 hour)

11/25/2009 worked with ken – websense and email systems (.50 hour)

11/24/2009 updated 20 used and cpo cars to mckenna bmw specials (2 hours)

11/24/2009 office requested assistance on billing issue for youtube videos (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 updated 8 used cars on mckenna audi (1 hour)

11/23/2009 sent out blast for stock # 302573cns (.25 hour)

11/23/2009 updated special on mckenna audi stock # 302573cns (.25 hour)

11/23/2009 added audi a3 tax break news link on mckenna audi (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 mileage issue with 510599LR – faxed paper work to BMW (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 jm&a still needing more help to login to dms (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 help sam park – issue with seo emails to (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 sent out tax break info for audi a3 on (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 added tax break information on mckenna audi and mckenna vw (.5 hour)

11/23/2009 sent out cancellation letter to CarGiGi craigslist (.25 hour)

11/20/2009 finished porsche e-zine magazine / ready for email blast waiting for porsche to send out (1 hour)

11/20/2009 getting lots of verizon email warning us of spam issue – called ADP case # 108759773 – seven computers still have high outbound traffic (1 hour)

11/20/2009 meeting with Matt from / loaded software for craigslist (1.5 hours)

11/20/2009 uploaded latimes ads to our websites, sent out email blast with to all social sites plus finish building newsletter then sent out email blast with godaddy campaign (3 hours)

11/20/2009 checked and updated some more mckenna email forwards (.5 hour)

11/20/2009 removed A20192 R8 from ebay listing (.25 hour)

11/19/09 added several more unlinked page to for seo (1 hour)

11/19/09 working more with search optics about installed a module for website homepages (1 hour)

11/18/09 updated mckenna times and several other mckenna blogs (2 hour)

11/18/09 going round and round for cerritos to find floor mats for c1176 – was told to remove from new car – won’t work (1 hour)

11/18/09 working with search optics to add featured vehicle module on our main website homepages (.5 hour)

11/18/09 sent out message blast on for A20192 (.5 hour)

11/18/09 added A20192 to mckenna audi specials and to home page news link (.5 hour)

11/18/09 uploaded pictures of A20192 to autouplinkusa (.5 hour)

11/18/09 working with Matt from to use their CraigsList product (1 hour)

11/18/09 added R8 stock #A20192 to new ebay account – locked out of the account again (1.5 hour)

11/17/09 updating mckenna porsche service specials (1 hour)

11/17/09 updating mckenna porsche new and pre-owned specials (1 hour)

11/16/09 updating mckenna email forwards (.5 hour)

11/16/09 edited email blast campaign / added more email addresses to data base (2 hours)

11/16/09 dealing with porsche parts customer – cap has been discontinued – sent customer email notice – (.5 hour)

11/16/09 help davis with vpn lost connection again (.5 hour)

11/16/09 updated internet special log sheet and matched to online specials (1 hour)

11/16/09 edited final copy of porsche e-zine – ready for email blast. (.5 hour)

11/14/09 help davis with “west’ VPN connection (.5 hour)

11/14/09 editing on mckenna blog (1 hour)

11/13/09 sexton requested assistance – could not login manheim – mmr (.25 hour)

11/13/09 updated mckenna vw new & used car specials (1 hour)

11/13/09 update mckennabmw hidden links on autonetwork

11/13/09 finished request to setup jm&a with ADP this morning – issue with setting up vendor (1 hour)

11/13/09 called eric from verizon to open a work ticket – first response was that is was not a verizon issue (.5 hour)

11/12/09 per halls request needed a list of info to setup jm&a to advent adp and vpn – at least on & off (4 hours)

11/12/09 home directory server was down, reset system (.5 hour)

11/11/09 per john halls request, greg asked for list of information modem # IP numbers etc for new software company (2 hours)

11/11/09 editing factory mckenna porsche website – employee update and specials update (1.5 hours)

11/11/09 spoke to porsche e-zine department – we never signed up to online magazine – $88. co-opable final cost $50. unlimited email addresses. dec 2009 is ready to emailed out (1.5 hour)

11/11/09 checked on mckenna porsche shopping cart order (.5 hour)

11/11/09 checking several domain name forwards (1 hour)

11/10/09 editiing on porsche e-zine – magazine (1 hour)

11/10/09 call porsche tech line questions about e-zine (1 hour)

11/10/09 added used and cpo cars to mckenna porsche specials (1 hour)

11/10/09 added porsche unlinked web pages to auto network general editing (1.5 hour)

11/10/09 updating mckenna cerritos (1 hour)

11/10/09 helping I.T. Ken with any questions he did have (1 hour)

11/10/09 open up cpo lot (.25 hour)

11/09/09 editing on auto network (1 hour)

11/09/09 working with ADP – found 10 more IP addresses with spam problems (1 hour)

11/09/09 hidden pages on our search optic websites are done – now we can edit directly (1 hour)

11/09/09 updated about page on mckenna bmw (1 hour)

11/09/09 working on our website with search optics on The BMW Joy Sales Event for BMW / Sign Then Drive Event for VW and The Season of Audi Event for Audi (1.5 hours)

11/09/09 open up cpo lot (.25 hour)

11/07/09 editing on mckenna times (1 hour)

11/06/09 spent several hours on tech lines with ADP and Verizon about infected computers – also had ADP disconnect one BMW computer from internet (2 hours)

11/06/09 setup vw tech’s computer in office – reformedmatted completely – loaded needed software (1.5 hours)

11/06/09 traced three other computers in Vw/Audi shop and one computer in Vw/Audi back parts counter and disconnected from internet (1 hour)

11/05/09 updated (1 hour)

11/05/09 updated youtube video players removed sold cars (1 hour)

11/05/09 manually trying to trace down computer (1 hour)

11/05/09 captured customers money on mckenna motor sports (.5 hour)

11/05/09 help rocio with fleet department printer question (.25 hour)

11/05/09 added Gutierrez to email system (.5 hour)

11/05/09 locating computer hardware so i can setup a repair station in my office keyboard, mouse, monitor, cables etc (2.5 hours)

11/04/09 meeting with verizon rep Eric – we need to shut done the infected computers – ticket number 2009 102 009 457 site id # u223619

11/04/09 spent an hour on the phone with apd trying to find out the spam traffic problem on our network (1 hour)

11/04/09 aaron from dupontregistry finally got us up again on the home page ad space (.25 hour)

11/04/09 spoke to eric from verizon about upgrade and virus spam problem (.5 hour)

11/04/09 server .2 is out – reset server in I.T. room (.5 hour)

11/04/09 sent search optics new idea for hidden pages (.5 hour)

11/04/09 added oil change special in mckenna audi (.5 hour)

11/04/09 opening up cpo lot for randy (.25 hour)

11/03/09 editing on mckenna times (1 hour)

11/03/09 still trying to work out details on search optics hidden pages – between lab design group and search optics (1 hour)

11/03/09 added email addresses to email campaign (.5 hour)

11/03/09 opening up cpo lot for randy (.25 hour)

11/02/09 set up new hire clay on email server (.5 hour)

11/02/09 set up new hire hassan on email server (.5 hour)

11/02/09 set up new hire swenson on email server (.5 hour)

11/02/09 spoke on phone with aaron from dupont registry about web pricing / he is going post used porsche on home page of dupont registry (.5 hour)

11/02/09 researched to locate Netgear router for Porsche shop – picked up router from staples (2 hours)

11/01/09 editing on mckennatimes (1 hour)

11/01/09 check on email blast activity (.5 hour)

11/01/09 editing on (1 hour)

10/30/09 chad was redirected by rocio for me to tract down a customers payment to paypal???  (1 hour)

10/30/09 added more email address then sent out email blast campaign from – 1st time (1 hour)

10/30/09 added newsletter link to (.5 hour)

10/30/09 uploading more email addresses to email campaign (.5 hour)

10/30/09 uploading la times ads on our websites and for Greg (1 hour)

10/30/09 matt gave my some instruction for email server – learning how to use email server to add… days off message for Yvonne (1 hour)

10/29/09 working with sam park again to see if serach optics updated our request for invisible pages (.5 hour)

10/29/09 trying to login to telnet to see IP traffic issue – also trying to access voice mail system (1 hour)

10/28/09 more communication with verizon – we are having a problem with bandwidth, many of our computers are virus infected and sending out spam – need to fix problem before we are black listed… (1 hour)

10/28/09 rocio is asking again to help audi to with their vpn login – trying to teach myself on how to use the system (1 hour)

10/28/09 updating (.5 hour)

10/28/09 got Greg’s car to take pictures – car was dirty ran through car wash and dried off (.5 hour)

10/28/09 stocked in Greg’s demo (.5 hour)

10/28/09 meeting with Matt from and Purvesh from smart pillars about better craigslist product (1.5 hours)

10/27/09 adding more email addresses to email campaign (.5 hour)

10/27/09 editing on (.5 hour)

10/27/09 updated new cpo & pre-owned specials of mckennabmw (1.5 hours)

10/27/09 adding invisible pages to mckennaaudi and mckennabmw – (1 hour)

10/27/09 sent out shipping notices for BMW and Porsche orders from (.50 hour)

10/27/09 updated service and parts specials on (.75 hour)

10/27/09 working with Matt from autouplinkusa to get inventory up on also issue with youtube videos, will be in tomorrow to show craigslist product (.50 hour)

10/27/09 updated about page info on (.5 hour)

10/27/09 updated online specials check list from sold cars (.25 hour)

10/27/09 reset scanned documents for Mike K for Greg for customer Harry – did not receive doc’s ??? (.25)

10/27/09 cobalt editing site is setup and ready for BMW CPO enhanced inventory link (.5 hour)

10/26/09 editing more on email blast campaign (1 hour)

10/26/09 manually adding email addresses to email campaign (.5 hour)

10/26/09 editing email blast campaign some more (2.5 hours) on and off

10/26/09 requested access on our mckenna editing sites to see and modify where all the leads are forwarded (.5 hour)

10/26/09 no employment apps found by the name rocio gave me, did notice I was removed from the employment apps lead forwarding – corrected issue with search optics (.75 hour)

10/26/09 rocio requested I look into any new employee apps that should have come in on one of our websites (don’t know which one) (.25 hour)

10/26/09 received several calls about voice mail system incl HB. called in for assistance (I could not get in Matt’s access has been changed) (1 hour)

10/26/09 opened cpo lot per request (.25 hour)

10/26/09 requested christian from search optics to improve page add with custom url’s (.5 hour)

10/26/09 updating sold cars from internet sales list (.5 hour)

10/26/09 note brought in fifth ream of paper in from home

10/25/09 editing on (.5 hour)

10/25/09 updated video in (.5 hour)

10/25/09 editing on (1.5 hour)

10/25/09 editing (.5 hour)

10/25/09 editing (.5 hour)

10/24/09 working with sam park and search optics to get article pages setup (1 hour)

10/24/09 editing (.5 hour)

10/24/09 updated online special list for Greg (.5 hour)

10/23/09 designing email blast campaign

10/23/09 scanned document for Mike K for Greg for customer harry (.5 hour)

10/23/09 updating specials (1 hour)

10/23/09 retrieving credit apps for internet department (.25 hour)

10/22/09 uploaded LaTimes ads to our websites (1 hour)

10/22/09 updating specials (1 hour)

10/21/09 matt gave me some training on email system (1 hour)&

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